We share the Planet Earth
As part of the “We share the Planet Earth” for eight years, since 2002, Kazakhstan has been hosting the Republican contest of children's environmental drawings and Plain-Air initiated and constantly maintained by Chevron.

The aim of the project is comprehensive cultural studies and environmental education of children and young people, the development of a sense of patriotism and pride for their country and its unique spiritual and cultural heritage, as well as nurturing respect for the environment.

The contest comprises several phases, starting with the selection of candidates in regions, and finally with 50 winners coming to the final. In 2008 the final was held in the capital under the slogan: “My Capital - my Astana”. In 2009, finalists were met in Almaty; in 2010, participants were again hailed in the capital of Kazakhstan, and in 2011 the project was again run in Almaty. But in 2012 the project “We share the Planet Earth” took place in the capital and celebrated its tenth anniversary.

A representative staff of jury adds to the importance of the event. All these years the jury included recognised artists and cultural professionals of the republic.

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